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The Committee

  • President – Will Kilner
  • Club Secretary – Dorian Thomas
  • Treasurer – Sarah Roberts
  • Webmaster – Dorian Thomas
  • Event Co-ordinator – Maria Moore supported by Chris Thomas, John Clark and Brian Spalding

BBCMC and BMC membership

You can join BBCMC at any time but the BMC memberships are done on a quarterly basis. As long as you have provided suitable information on your membership form, you will be enrolled during the next window and will receive your BMC magazine, membership and a wealth of discounts for shops and retailers all over the country that you can use.
The remainder of the membership fee is used by BBCMC to fund deposits for trips, cover any shortfalls and general club administration. Membership is £20 for 2019

Register your email and join the Facebook group

You should register your email address to receive any email communications. The secretary will do this for you as long as it is present on your membership form.
The Facebook Group is closed to BBCMC members only. Feel free to use this group to chat with other members organise trips and climbing meets, you will be invited to join the Facebook Group as a BBCMC member.

Club communications

Much of this is done via email these days or on the Facebook page. The club uses the following email addresses but you will find over time that you will become familiar with individuals emails as well:

  1. Internal Club emails =
  2. Membership Secretary =
  3. Accounts and payment =
  4. Events Co-Ordinator =

Equipment and experience

A comprehensive kit list is detailed below. If you are a seasoned outdoor enthusiast most of this will be in your locker already but it is important to understand and appreciate the importance of some of the kit to keep you safe in the mountains. If you are short on experience and equipment, please raise this with the trip organiser and they will do their best to help you out. We like to support everyone where we can and quite often loan bits of equipment or offer guidance when out and about – we all have to start somewhere and learn and grow and you will find many of the clubs long standing members have a wealth of experience that you can tap into.

Essential Equipment

  • Footwear, with good grip suitable for the conditions. For most, this means walking boots.
  • Socks, good quality walking socks, some people use a very thin pair under a thicker pair to help prevent blisters.
  • Trousers or shorts (not jeans)
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Warm jacket e.g. fleece or primaloft
  • Hat (to provide either sun or cold protection)
  • Gloves or mittens – plus spares in the Winter
  • Base layers – thermals in the Winter
  • Food, keep fuelled up, so pack a meal plus a few snacks
  • Water bottle or hydration system
  • Rucksack, for most day trips, 30 litres is sufficient.
  • Map and Compass, normally carried by the leader but useful to have your own
  • Whistle

For Camping:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Mat or Therm-a-rest
  • Sleeping bag (to suit the conditions)
  • Cooking equipment, anything from a disposable barbecue to a one-pot stove to the camping equivalent of an Aga


For Bunk Houses or Club Huts:

  • Sleeping bag *if required
  • Earplugs, for those communal bunkhouse rooms!

Useful items (depending on the season/planned activity):

  • Gaiters, particularly useful in boggy/wet conditions or snow
  • Walking poles
  • Spare clothing
  • Survival/Bivi bag, very lightweight ones are available
  • Thermos flask
  • Goggles, for snow or hail conditions
  • Ice axe
  • Crampons
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen
  • Midge repellent
  • Helmet
  • Climbing harness
  • Climbing shoes
  • Climbing equipment, belay device, carabiner, rope, slings, quick draws, rack, etc

For All Trips:

  • Food and drink, at least enough for breakfasts and packed lunches; check trip details for evening meal plans
  • Beer/wine money
  • Good sense of humour!

Booking a trip

All trips will be posted on the website and Facebook under ‘Events’, a monthly e-mail will be sent out by the Event Co-Ordinator detailing the future trips. You can reply to the email or sometimes it will have an individual’s address to use, otherwise use the relevant options on Facebook. The trip organiser will get back to you to advise if there is space and you will be asked to pay a deposit (if required) that is typically £10-15 to secure your place. Discussions surrounding the trip, routes, transport, meals etc will take place via email or Facebook. You will normally be asked to pay any remaining balance of the trip 2-4 weeks before the trip is due.

Attending a trip 

During a trip we will typically all join together for a group evening meal but you will need to make sure you provide your own breakfast, lunch and drink for during the day and any alcohol in the evenings. At the end of the trip everyone will normally settle the bill for shared food, drink and transport etc.
You may find that certain trips have people splitting off into numerous groups as people like to do their own thing, or the whole group may stick together for the day. If you are to take a different route from the group it is essential that people know what route you are taking and have contact details as well.


Payments are to be made online to the clubs account. All payments for trips, deposits, memberships etc will be to the following bank details:

Sort Code: 40-08-04
Account Number: 21400320

The trip organiser will ask for a reference for the trip (eg Lakes2019) that we ask to be used for all associated payments to simplify the accounts process. When making a payment please email the trip organiser and also the Treasurer email (see above) to confirm your payment, how much and for which trip etc.

Trip Feedback

We try to keep the website and Facebook up to date and like to post trip reports. Your feedback on a trip is always appreciated including great photos.

Running a Trip

About every 6 months, typically in spring and autumn, the Event Co-Ordinator looks to ensure the calendar for the next 9 months is full. We welcome anyone who can offer their time and efforts to organising a club trip and bring something new to the club or take us to a location we have not been before.